Posted by | October 5, 2021
The hiatus is over

Damn, that was a long blackout. I'm so sorry I didn't say a peep to you gals and guys for 3 whole years (I hope you didn't think I died),...

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Posted by | August 23, 2018
Writing with Owls

Never in my life had I though we'd live with an owl. But here I am, working on my next book, with Peppa our rescue barn owl snoozing on my...

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Posted by | April 18, 2018
Our Fan Art Contest 2018 is Now Open!

Write a short story on your tennis socks, draw a comic on your PhD certificate, paint on your fridge, or compose music for a garden hose quartet – everything goes...

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Posted by | April 9, 2018
Our very own social network is here!

I got so fed up with Facebook that I made our own social network. This is it: So if you, too, are tired of being a product Facebook is selling...

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Posted by | December 13, 2017
All the books for free

I've been thinking about this for a VERY long time, and finally decided to give all my eBooks the Kindle Unlimited treatment. Here's why: B&N's eBook store is now gasping...

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Posted by | November 10, 2017
My Big Fat Christmas Giveaway

I'm giving away two, ahem, silk nooses and an antique copy of The Strand Magazine to celebrate the release of the new & revised THE DEVIL'S GRIN - Anna Kronberg Book...

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Posted by | October 31, 2017
On Killing

It's Halloween. I've just dealt two death blows with an axe. If you are (like me) a crime fiction writer, you will often face the problem of how to best...

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Posted by | August 26, 2017
Signed 1/2986 Climate Change Thriller Boxset Giveaway

I'm giving away three signed paperbacks of the brand new 1/2986 Climate Change Thriller Boxset. For a chance to win, click on the image and enter my Thunderclap campaign (you...

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Posted by | August 15, 2017
When my home was invaded by Neo-Nazis

On Nazis (from a German) In the years after the East German Wall fell, my home was invaded by Neo-Nazis. They aren’t so very different from me. They are my...

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Annelie Wendeberg