Quotes from 1-star and 2-star reviews my books received on Amazon and Goodreads. Enjoy 🙂


“This book is everything wrong with independent publishing.” (The Devil’s Grin)

“It is a book.” (The Devil’s Grin)

“it is not a book” (The Devil’s Grin)


“F-bomb, page 8” (1/2986)

“I do not read Environut books” (1/2986)


“Must the heroine be so sex perverted?” (Fog)

“it’s a good story and that gets two stars.” (The Lion’s Courtship)

“A a a a” (The Lion’s Courtship)

“Truthfully, I have not even read this book!” (The Devil’s Grin)

“she was raped – yawn”  (The Devil’s Grin)

“Why anyone should spend their money – even if it’s only 99 cents – on drivel like this when there are fare better fanfics out there, which you can read for free, is beyond me.” (The Devil’s Grin)

“Even at this price, I object.” (The Devil’s Grin, for $0.99)

“I do not really care for the period, especially the constant changing of the male to female dress to get out, etc.” (The Devil’s Grin)

“…comes off like Chick Lit.” (The Fall)

“…some actions seemed to have been devised to just help sell more books.” (The Fall)

“…then the author through in casual sex and unexplained violence. I was disappointed.” (The Devil’s Grin)


“The entire book is written in the wrong tense.” (1/2986)

“I think that these stories are ridiculous, but my wife likes them, so whatever I guess.” (1/2986)

“Did not read.” (The Devil’s Grin)

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I swear, EVERY SINGLE BOOK (I’m not exaggerating) I read that warrants a place on my this-is-one-of-the-best-books-you’ll-ever-read shelf gets like, 1000 hate comments and one five star that I write. I mean seriously people, it’s a book, not a document proclaiming Satan the one true god!

How long must we wait for Peregine? Yesterday would not be soon enough!

Fortsätt skriva Annelie.

I have only one thiing to add – keep writing Annelie!!!

1/2986 could not put them down when is the last one coming out. Hurry please !

Aww, thank you, Bruce!

I have thoroughly enjoyed all you books! Please keep writing!

Thank you, Mia 🙂

I just finished Vow, the last of that series. I absolutely loved them all and am anxiously awaiting the next one! Thank you!

Thank you so much, Jean!

Too funny; I expect some of the more hilarious commenters are “authors” who’s manifestos have been blasted for not knowing a storyline if it bit them in the ass. I’m reading Micka for the second time, it’s just that good.

You tell a tale without clutter. Yes, you can be blunt. Yes you make some people uncomfortable. And yes, I really appreciate your style. I have been reading books for
68 years. You are my favorite author. You are a treasure. Don’t change in anyway. As always – keep writing Annelie!

I absolutely love your books. The characters are original and engrossing. Have read all and am anxiously awaiting the n ext. Just finished River of Bones.

Thank you so much, Barbara! I’m glad you love ’em 🙂
Vow (1/2986 book 4) is coming in a few days, and then it’s another Keeper of Pleas book (I think).

I have loved your books and each one left me looking forward to the next. I feel they are too short though as I kept readig and the end came too soon. I need the next one soon I fear I have become addicted. I started with the Lion’s Courtship then the Moriarty Bundle, Silent Witness and have just finished River of Bones.Needless to say I have not slept much in the past few days as I could not sleep without finishing at least one book

Thank you 🙂

Pretty hilarious, pretty sad and needed a good laugh! Be proud that you made me read genres, I’ve never tried before, simple due to the fact that I like your writing and sure a few other readers feel the same way.

Thank you 🙂
I read this page about twice a year for a good giggle.

Some of the most interesting and exciting reading I’ve ever done is the “Fog” series. Really thrilling! Annelie is a favorite from now on!

I got GRIN free and thoroughly enjoyed it so glad I didn’t blindly follow the naysayers, have read the preview of The Fall and am intrigued enough to place that on my wish list for future reading.

Same here, won a copy on Goodreads and really enjoyed it. I liked the deception of the main character to do the job she loves. I have not yet read the others in the series but read “Fog” which I also enjoyed.

I just finished “Ice”. Totally loved all three books of “Climate Fiction”, some of the best story lines, writing skill, and organization I’ve ever read. I’ll be sure to read ALL of Annelie’s books in the future, starting with the free “The Devil’s Grin”! The start of “Climate Fiction was free, I paid $6 for the next 2, worth every penny! I would NEVER pay $6 for an ebook before now, but for Annelie’s I WILL! All of them! I’m a hooked lifetime fan! I recommend her books, etc. to all intelligent readers – she’s the best of the best – absolutely forget the fools who disdain her skill! Keep your chin up, Annelie, and please keep writing for those who love your work! Thank you for working for US! I’m deeply appreciative! Dr. Bill Encke

When will I be able to read the follow up to ( Ice ) ?
I have read all of your books and I need more.

Hi Ray,
the fourth book in the 1/2986 saga is in the making. I hope to publish my new Victorian mystery in spring this year and then I get to work full time of the next SciFi.

Just read the following: “Truthfully, I have not even read this book! I almost went to download it to my Kindle but then caught a reader’s review about poor editing. That did it for me.” (The Devil’s Grin)”. Really? Since when does that count for a qualified opinion?

I read the trilogy and honestly don’t know what other reviewer who supposedly complained about poor editing is talking about.

And before I receive a comment re editing: …and honestly don’t know what the other reviewer who supposedly complained about poor editing is talking about… ;>

I have read all your books and can’t wait for more. I am a very discerning reader and am glad that you are not disheartened by any negative reviews. Please keep writing for those of us that enjoy great literature.

Keep writing; I can’t put it down!! It will be hard to find something so entertaining to follow “Moriarty; the combined Anna Kronberg series. I haven’t finished the last part yet but I sure hope Anna and Sherlock figure it out before it’s too late. Don’t listen to those dopes who probably have trouble reading anyway!

James Patterson, Stuart Woods, and Jonathon Kellerman are some of my favorite writers. I have found your writing to be as good and in some cases, better than some of the advice mentioned. Good for you to not quit after some failed writers turned reviewers said you shoul quit. I can’t wait to finish the rest after Devil’s Grin. Some of the most interesting writing I’ve ever enjoyed.

I picked up GRIN for free, but I paid full price for the other two in the series. Apparently, I had no idea what good literature was… Their loss, my friend!

Good thing I didn’t read or listen to these idiots!! I would have missed out on a lot of reading enjoyment!! Love, love, love them!! Did I say I love them?!

I got a good belly laugh from this section…!

Wow, glad I learned to think for myself or I would be missing out! And FYI, I totally paid for all three and it was an excellent investment.

Ha! I’m glad you liked my books, Stacy!

Sheesh. I wonder why I keep reading your stuff… 😉

I don’t have the faintest, Irina 🙂

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