Grew up at butt-end of the World – also called “small East German village.” Total loser at school, then went out with little hammer & little chisel to help tear down the Berlin wall. End of communism resulted in beginning of creative freedom. Best thing ever! Even learned something in school.

Somehow ended up at university, studied biology, graduated, went with ship across the Atlantic (marine biology, yay!), chucked 20.000€ worth of sampling equipment into the deep sea (hauled it up again, phew!), got some price fellowship from Caltech without realising they hand out only one per year, and returned to Germany two years later.

Got an adjunct professorship in environmental microbiology; blogged for Nature and Spektrum der Wissenschaft. Got a full professorship and immediately handed in my notice.

Now I’m a Scribbler of Things (which somehow resulted in an award and several countries translating & publishing my stuff), workshop-giver for creative science writing, mentor for the Afghan Women Writing Project, house-fixer-upper, veggie-grower, cheese-maker and goatherd. Oh, and owl rehabber. Oh! And mistress of chaos!

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Congratulation, my lady! Now, you are one of the ten best writers for me. Having just finished the Devil´s Grin, and so I think it´s a fantastic reading. Thank´s a lot, Annelie, for all S.H. fans. Best regards

Awwww thank you so much 🙂

Hi Annelie,just finished the 1/2986 audio books. Most amazing story,loved it. I have left a reviews but this was just so dam entertaining. Thanks for writing it,it help me get thru some long nights.

Thing is i’m a senior and just could not believe how you develop such an addictive story. Again thanks

Michael Patrick from Canada

I’m so glad you like Micka! I love the narrator Podium Publishing picked for that series.

Hello when will Anna and Quinn come back I neeeeed the next book

Hi Bethany,
I’m hoping to get back to these two this year, but I’m working on another series atm.

Raymond Chandleradds, “When I split an infinitive, God damn it, I split it so it will remain split.”

I just read Spider Silk and Keeper of Pleas…in 2 days, on long haul plane trips. I have been raving about them to all and sundry. They are wonderful! Please say there are more to come…have I missed anything?

I never follow/write to authors, but really, you ‘re terrific. I loved the Kronberg books so much I’m going to re-read them while I wait for book 3 in the new series. Which will be sooooon, right???

Aww! Thank you, Linda!
Yes, the third Keeper of Pleas book is in the pipeline. Bits and pieces are written and there’s something like a plot (maybe). I’m working of the 6th Kronberg book now (the others are all revised, so if you are in Kindle Unlimited you can get them for free – make sure out read those instead of the old editions).
Kronberg 6 is planned for end of spring / beginning of summer. And then it’s time for the next Keeper of Pleas 🙂

I took your suggestion about emily organs books and bought two of her penny green novels. they we great; will buy more

I’m glad you enjoyed them!

Annelie i am very excited to learn you are doing more of my favorite female crime heroine! Thank you! Yippee

Me too 🙂

I just finished ICE! What can I say, this series is unbelievably awesome!! I know Micka, I can almost see her, I sense her pain, her struggles, and her strange flavours! Lol. All because of how you write! Please tell me her story continues?
I am in my late 40’s, and have read hundreds of novels, and although I have my favorites in the genre, you have become my new favorite writer! Hats off to you!! You are incredibly gifted!

Michael Shawn

Thank you so much, Michael! I totally want to write the 4th Micka book, but will finish another Victorian mystery first.


Have the Anna Kronberg books ever been published in Hardcover?


Hi David! Nope, so far no hardcovers of the Kronberg books, and none planned. They are all in paperback, eBook, and audiobook.

Annelie it just surprises me that all of your work pleases me so much!! No other author has been able to do that! I had been on a quest to read the classics but some of the author’s works were great but never all of them, More contemporary authors have been vastly overrated; and when I came upon your work in the Kronberg series I have become insatiable for more of your work. I have also loved all the the book jackets you have used and have no criticism against any of them. In fact I think they are lovely. I would frame them if you offered them with the book titles as they stand alone apart from the storyline. So, would you consider that until hardback books with book covers are available?

How the heck did I miss your comment? Just found it now, more or less by accident. Wow! Thank you, Linda! I’d be happy to send you signed copy of out-of-print editions of the Kronberg series, if you would like any of them.

Just touching base..Erotica you say? There was a wee bit in K of P, and I must admit I was shocked ( as this was a departure from the Annelie I know and love, ya know.. being all Victorian England and stuff) but I had to say to myself, “Holy Shit! She’s good at this!” Which leads me to the conclusion I have always held to be true, You Can Write!! I recently took some notes while under during my last colonoscopy..I bet you could even make those into a best seller. Hoping all is well with you…..and remember, YOU ROCK! Y.S.I.F.C.

OMG! That’s… That’s… Brilliant! I mean, first was 50Shades, then dinosaur erotica, and now it’s colonoscopy erotica. Its going to be my breakthrough (LOL, pun intended). *giggles uncontrollably because under the influence of red wine and much good food*
On a side note: I miss you guys! Sometimes you make me regret I’ve killed my Twitter account. But damn. So many social media thingies and only one little writer brain.
*waves to Seattle*

Ms A,

Just discovered you, read your first three A Kronberg novels. Loved them, of course, and will buy & read the rest of your works. But, puh-lease, PLEASE ease up on the split infinitives. They are making me bleed.

Yep, that’s my German linguistic ballast. We split infinitives like there’s no tomorrow

Annelie, I have thoroughly enjoyed The Devils Grin, The Fall and The Journey. Your ability to make a chapter scene come alive is utterly astounding! Whether it is helping to pull a floater out of a canal by the London Waterworks, describing Anna’s laboratory at the University or the one in Moriarity’s warehouse, her little apartment in St. Giles, or her neighbor Mary going into heavy labor, I could almost smell tbe dampness, putrefaction, coppery fresh blood, and moldy clothing as I pored over each descriptive turn of phrase. You have an incredible talent, in spite of your self-effacing apologies and thanks to your readers and critiquers at the end of each book. Please keep them coming, your books are ripping reads!!

Your turns of phrase are always so unexpected and interesting, vivid and complementary to the material at hand. This is a talent that so few have.

Ms. Wendeberg,
I have read and thoroughly enjoyed each of the Anna Kronberg novel’s, but this is the first time I’ve visited your website.
I was terrifically impressed and entertained by the “Don’t Buy My Books” link. I think few authors would be self-possessed enough to be so self-deprecating. I especially enjoyed the grammatical errors of your detractors. Irony.
I look forward to your future works. Thank you.

I’m just now finishing the 3rd volume of ‘Moriarty’. What wonderful writing Annelie! I really hated to see him go (if he did!), as he was a terrifically outlined character. I was actually afraid of him during his ‘spells’. 🙂 Do you write longhand by any chance (you’ll see why I’m interested with my website address)?

Thank you, Norman! I very much enjoyed writing this character, because of his darkness and intelligence. I do sketch my covers, my plot and idea with pen on paper. But mostly I write on my laptop. My longhand looks AWEFUL

We’ll have to get you using a fountain pen!!! 🙂 I just came back from seeing ‘Mr. Holmes’. It was quite well done, even if he prefers cigars! Have you seen it yet? I particularly liked the final scene — and I’m sure you’ll enjoy all of the scenes with the bees, after looking at some of your ‘About Me’ photos!!!!!



i just finished reading The Journey and I love your books! I want more! I want to know what happens to Anna and her child! Thanks for a great series!!

Thank you so much Annette! I started plotting another Kronberg Mystery just a few days ago. But my 2nd dystopian comes out first. Then I’ll probably write two books at the same time (Kronberg #5 and 1/2986 #3).

Ms. Wendeberg,

Though I have never done so previously, I would be honored to be considered for an Alpha reader for your upcoming works. You are a favorite author of mine along with Michael Siemsen, Christine Trent, and Caleb Carr. I would be flabbergasted (thinking I should be a lock for incorporating the word ‘flabbergasted’ into this note-lol) to be one with providing such feedback to you.
I have less time than others on this rock due to a rather nasty ailment that I am battling. Making such interaction with one of my favorite authors ever so sweet.

Good day,


Dear Michael,
I’d be honoured to add you to my small crowd of beta readers. But there’s nor alpha reader other than the author herself, because the work is dirty and full of self-inflicted ouchies. I hope to be able to send a readable (sort of) version out by end of July or beginning of August. Will you be able to tear it apart and slap it over my head? Because I’d rather have my beta readers do that than an angry herd of Amazon and Goodreads reviewers. No proof reading necessary at that stage, though.
Thank you for your offer!

I, also have just finished the Kronberg Moriarty Bundle with thorough enjoyment. Most pleased there are more titles out there and more to come! How might I be added to your small crowd of beta readers? I would enjoy and believe I could provide a small bit of helpful feedback.

Just picked up Moriarty. I look forward to reading more of your work. I have enjoyed your perspective.

Thank you! I hope you’ll enjoy the story.

I just finished The Journey. I’ve read all the Anna Kronberg books now, and I enjoyed every minute! I absolutely love this heroine! But I sit here and think, well now what? I guess I’ll start rereading them.

Being a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes, an avid reader and a student of biology, I absolutely loved “The Devil’s Grin” and I can’t wait to buy the other 2 books. Great style of writing, in addition to the equally mesmerizing theme and settings, I now have become a devout follower of the Anna Kronberg thriller series! Keep ’em coming up for us! We do want more of it! <3

Thank you, Sumedha! Just last night I had an idea on how to continue the series 🙂
But must finish my SciFi first.

Slang words, i hate auto correction

I have read all of them, very much your honest writing style, but is now making me find all the X lank woerds and phrases, hopefully you will grace us with more of your scribbling. Thank you

Beautiful. Beautiful use of science, historical literary characters, imagination, and dialogue. Beautiful author with a beautifuly complicated mind.

A very humble thank you to you, Richard.

Habe Teufelsgrinsen in wenigen tagen verschlungen und freue mich auf den nächsten Teil,
der hoffentlich bald erscheint???

Bitte nicht aufhören zu “scribblen”!

Hi Claudia,
da freu ich mich 🙂
Alle 4 Kronberg Bücher kommen 2015 raus; zwei im Frühjahr, zwei im Herbst. Es gibst als ziemlich flott die volle Dosis.

Love, love, love The Devil’s Grin. Look forward to all the rest of the books.

Thank you, Judith 🙂

It is “total loser at school”, not “looser” which means baggy… Unless of course you were going for the urban dictionary meaning… Then you would be correct. I am very much enjoying “Devil’s Grin”. And no, I cannot speak or write in German, although it is my maternal heritage.

Thank you Ellen, I corrected it.

Annelie, Came across your books. Was flabbergasted! Developed a non-intrusive crush. THEN looked up your site and gazed upon your pic. Having already decided that you are very intelligent and creative, now see that you are a very attractive lady! Not bad as far as crushes go

I always photoshop everything 🙂

Hello Annelie
Just finished the Devils Grin. Just like to say what a fantastic book. I am looking forward to reading the Fall.

Awww! Thank you so much, Richard!

Having just finished the Devil’s Grin, I was impressed with your style of writing. Additionally, I liked the interaction between your character and Sherlock Homes. Arthur Conan Doyle actually left his characters history somewhat open to interpretation, I enjoyed the use of this in your writing. I have just purchased “The Fall” and look forward to reading this book and others as well.

Thank you Greg! You made my day!

Well thanks for scribbling

my pleasure

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