The hiatus is over

Damn, that was a long blackout. I’m so sorry I didn’t say a peep to you gals and guys for 3 whole years (I hope you didn’t think I died), but man did I hate everything I wrote. Anything I was working on was just…utter crap. I couldn’t get a single sentence written without editing all life out of it and dumping it in the trash.

And I was tired of social media, of trolls, marketing, and especially of writing for algorithms. I guess that learning everything about how to get the most visibility out of my books and posts on social media and Amazon killed the joy for me. To get the Amazon algorithm to work for me, I would have to publish a book every month to every three months. Going into full-out word production mode is possible for many authors, and has been manageable for me for a time, but I’d much rather tell stories than produce text. Stephen King would tell you that you can do both simultaneously, but I’m not Stephen King. I’m old just me. I need time to tell a story.

I guess you can call it a complete burnout, that thing that started three years ago and ended…last month? Last Christmas? I’m not quite sure when the need to write came back, because it started in tiny trickles. Now it’s more like an avalanche. I don’t want to bore you with the details, but here’s my plan for writing while staying the hell away from burnout:

  1. I’m not going back to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or whatnot
  2. I’m not going to write endless blog posts (well, maybe once in a while)
  3. Fuck marketing, especially Facebook and Amazon ads (although you might see my books for 99c at BookBub once in a while)
  4. Fuck algorithms (I’m so not publishing a book every 3 months just to make an algorithm happy)
  5. Fuck trolls and exposure and all that crap
  6. I write for YOU, and not for…um, I don’t even know what I was trying before. Write for everybody and their dog in the hope to be a NYT Bestseller on day, LOL? Ugh, whatever. I’ll write for you and for myself, and that’s that.

So what’s gonna happen next, you ask? When is the next book FINALLY coming out, you want to know? After all, you waited three years. THREE YEARS!

Alrighty, lean a little closer, so I can tell you:

I’m 25K into my newest story. The first part will be published on my Patreon in a few days after I proofread it one more time. All my new things and any updates on our crazy life (did I mention we moved to Sweden?) will be published on Patreon, plus: you can vote on what’s coming next. I’ll also write stuff for my patrons that I don’t publish anywhere else, because: –> point no. 6 on my writing list.

If you don’t like Patreon – worry not! This new story (and more) will eventually be published on Amazon, iTunes, and Kobo.

Damn, it feels SO GOOD to be back!

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Glad you’re back in the saddle and doing things your way! Looking forward to all of your next stories – at your pace.


I thought maybe you’d given up writing altogether because of all the fun on the farm. Glad you are having that fun but double glad you are enthused about writing again!

I was afraid that happened! Luckily, the muse came back. And farming ONLY isn’t fulfilling. I need some other creative stuff, too 🙂

Annelie, you’ve just made my year!!! I’m so happy to hear you’re feeling the inspiration again. Sure have missed you. Hope things are going well for you in Sweden too! Love the work you’ve been producing even though I can’t get it down here in Mexico!! Be well, my friend. Can’t wait to start reading!!❤️

Aw thank you, Linda 🙂
How is life in Mexico? I can’t imagine living through a summer there. Californian summers weer already unbearable for me.

Hi Ruth! Yeeeep, I’m so happy you’re still reading this blog 🙂

Squeeeeee!!!!! So glad you’re back. Can’t wait to read it.

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