Our Fan Art Contest 2018 is Now Open!

Write a short story on your tennis socks, draw a comic on your PhD certificate, paint on your fridge, or compose music for a garden hose quartet – everything goes as long as it’s within the Keeper of Pleas, Anna Kronberg1/2986 or Timebender universes. Deadline: end of July 2018.

The competition theme is:

“Out Of Place.”

Winners will be decided by community voting.

1st Price: US$150 Amazon Gift Card; 2nd Price: US$100 Amazon Gift Card; 3rd Price: US$50 Amazon Gift Card.

How to enter:

  1. Join the Kick-Ass Heroines community – our own (safe & private) social network.
  2. Read the pinned post, and
  3. simply PM me or comment that you want to enter.
Join the Kick-Ass Heroines now!

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