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I’ve been thinking about this for a VERY long time, and finally decided to give all my eBooks the Kindle Unlimited treatment. Here’s why:

  • B&N’s eBook store is now gasping its last breaths, and my sales dropped to “shit, I can’t even afford a coffee!”
  • Neither B&N nor iTunes ever worked on improving customer experience for their eBook stores. It’s so bad that customers of B&N and iTunes often browse Amazon to find a book they like, then go back to B&N or iTunes to buy it.
  • My iTunes sales are in the range of “I might buy a pastry with those royalties.”
  • Kobo’s eBook market share is tiny in the US where most of my readers live. My Kobo sales are…nonexistent.

Amazon’s eBook market share in the US is huge, and readers who read A LOT often use Kindle Unlimited to get their fix for very little money. And I can totally relate to that, because my family and I lived through several variations of “how can I even afford winter clothes for the kids?”

I know of fans who can’t afford my books, and of other fans who buy my books for the ones who don’t have the money to buy them. So now you can read them for free if you are in KU. If not: Over the next few weeks, I’ll set the price of several of my books to zero (if you are part to my FB Messenger crowd, you’ll be notified)

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I finally read the Victorian novels, Devil’s Grin, etc. It is not my genre and I resisted as long as I could 🙂 When I started it I could not stop. Even buying the books when I already pay for Kindle Unlimited. They were worth every penny and now I am reading the Keeper of Pleas. I cannot even say enough how good a writer and story teller you are.
I feel like Kathy Bates in Misery, I want to capture you and make you write so that I won’t have to read another author ever. Well, we know how that worked out.
I guess in calmer terms, your writing and story telling make it really really hard to read other books. I am now waiting for the third book in the Keeper of Pleas. I just began this series so I think about a week I will be jonesing for the third book. And for the next book in the 1/2986 series.
I think because of you I have changed genre and will be reading more Victorian mystery. Your writing puts me right there and I can see, hear and smell it all.

One more thing if I could, how can I get the original version of Keeper of Pleas. I read that some thought it too graphic. I am a woman, yes, but not squeemish. Usually.

Thank you so much for your kind words, Donna!
I dug around in my old files for a the original version of Keeper of Pleas, but couldn’t find anything that was polished and proofed. I’m sorry! But your aren’t missing all that much. It was just a couple of scenes that I rewrote.

I read all the 1/2986 books on Kindle unlimited. Then Vow came out and I wanted to read them again. No longer on Kindle Unlimited. I have managed to but them all even as a senior on Social security because this is the best series ever! I hope it never ends! There are no books like it! Maybe, haven’t read your others yet. I love Micka and Runner and now Micka and Katvar so much. You pull no punches in your drawing of this woman. PLEASE DO YOU KNOW THE DATE WAR WILL BE RELEASED? I can’t get enough? Thank you for your very edgy writing!

Eep! Thank you, Donna. I’m doing the happy dance here 🙂
Kindle Unlimited used to be a good thing for authors, but these days, one gets almost nothing per page read. I had to drop out of KU for financial reasons.
Hm…I have no idea when War will come out. First I have to finish the 3rd Keeper of Pleas book. I wish I could write all my series simultaneously, but that would be way too confusing for my old brain.

I stopped buying at B&N a long time ago, I could not afford it any more, instead if I want to passionately hold a book in my hands I go to a use book store, (i got my favorite store is huge, is calle The Iliad in North Hollywood ca), for everything else I got my own library in my kindle, and most of the time I take advantage of the free books they offer, I just finished one and I enjoyed very much, thanks to writers like you and amazon!!

For the Dutch market (Amazon just started there) you might check out

Thank you! I’ll check it out!

There is only one book store in my county. A used books family store less than 1000 sq ft. I’ve tried supporting bricks and mortar, B&N for a very long time. But a 60 mile round trip and dwindling options make me cast my coins to the behemoth.

I am sad to know (instead of thinking it myself) that B&N is almost done. I love going into their stores where all the lovely books are. I will miss them greatly.

You are right. I only buy from Amazon. I use the KU to check out an author before I buy. So many authors have great covers and great reviews, but when I sample their work I find that they don’t write very well. Once I find out that they can write well, I buy their books without previewing them.

Interesting! I browse Amazon like I would a book store. I leaf through the first pages of a book and the decide if I buy it.

I am so sad about B&N. I have tried to be loyal to a business which has a physical book store; but you are right — they have not tried hard enough.

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