My Big Fat Christmas Giveaway

I’m giving away two, ahem, silk nooses and an antique copy of The Strand Magazine to celebrate the release of the new & revised THE DEVIL’S GRIN – Anna Kronberg Book 2


Update Dec 10: The Giveaway is now closed, and the winners have been picked: 1st price: Rhian Heulwen, 2nd price: Mandy Rolfe, 3rd price: Cathy Jones. Winners will be notified via email today. CONGRATS! 🙂

Update Dec 18: After several failed attempts to contact the 3rd price winner, the cowl now went to Deb Avery.

Most of you know that I weave when I write (if you didn’t, now you do). Two of the pretties I created on my antique Swedish loom while writing SILENT WITNESSES – Anna Kronberg book 5 will go to YOU. Plus: a copy of The Strand Magazine with Arthur Conan Doyle’s first ever contribution! And you don’t even have to gnaw off your arms and legs to get them. Nope.

Giveaway ground rules:

  • Opens November 25
  • To enter, you send me the first question Anna asks herself in the preview of the revised The Fall (at the very end of the new The Devil’s Grin)
  • You don’t have to buy The Devil’s Grin to enter.
  • Closes December 10

About the antique copy of The Strand Magazine: Royal Edition of the third issue, notable for Arthur Conan Doyle’s first-ever contribution. This copy is from March 1891, very fragile, watermarked, and has a broken front hinge. When originally published, it was considered a de luxe item with its gilt page edges, a golden cover with a picture of The Strand on the front and high quality thick paper.

About the shawl: Made of 100% mulberry silk yarn that was hand-painted by me in colours of the early morning sun (shades of gold and orange). It measures 27″ x 57″ (69cm x 146cm), plus twisted fringes. VALUE: US$300

About the cowl: Made with silk & yak down yarn, hand-painted in shades of turquoise, blue, dove, gold, and rust. It measures approximately 31″ (80cm) in circumference, and 20″ (50cm) depth. VALUE: US$100

How to enter:

  1. Get a copy of the revised The Devil’s Grin. It’s free in Kindle Unlimited. You can borrow it or buy it, or sneak a peek into your friend’s copy – whatever you like, just try not to pirate the thing.
  2. Find the preview of The Fall at the very end of The Devil’s Grin, and
  3. copy the first question Anna asks herself (what I sneakily painted over in the screenshot).
  4. Send it to:
  5. You’ll receive a confirmation email, and you are all set!

The Devil’s Grin


Best Sherlock Holmes Novel 2014 (German Sherlock Holmes Society)

“A duel of two deduction monsters.”

“…a powerful debut.”

London 1889. A dead man is found floating in the city’s waterworks. Fearing an epidemic, the Metropolitan Police call upon bacteriologist Dr Anton Kronberg to examine the body. All signs point toward cholera having killed the man…but for faint marks around wrists and ankles.

Evidence for a crime is weak, and the police lose interest in the case. But Kronberg suspects that the dead man’s final days had been steeped in cruelty. Soon, a second victim is found, and Kronberg gets embroiled in a web of abduction, abuse, and murder.

But catching a killer and staying alive would be easier if the doctor didn’t have secrets of…her own.

Warning: medical procedures are depicted without apology.

How the winners are selected:

  1. On December 10 the giveaway closes.
  2. I’ll let my kids (because: random and chaotic behaviour) choose three people from a list of all valid entries.
  3. I’ll announce the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners via email, Facebook, Instagram, and this blog. That’s when I’ll ask for a shipping address.
  4. 1st place winner get the first pick, 2nd place winner gets the second pick, and 3rd place winner gets what’s left.
  5. I’ll send out the prices in insured and tracked packages.
  6. YES they should arrive in time for Christmas!

If you absolutely MUST have a piece of my handwovens, follow me on Facebook or Instagram and scream real loud when I post my next weaving pic.

In the meantime: have some more of my weaving pics:

Legal mumbojumbo

By entering this thing you agree that I can’t be held responsible for:

  • Packages getting lost, burnt, swept away by melting North and South poles, or otherwise getting damaged by higher forces or stupidity. There is, however, insurance on them, so you should at least get the money they were worth.
  • Not having woven a zillion scarves so that everyone can have one.
  • Errors, failures, catastrophes, and whatnot that are outside my control or mental capacity or whatnot.

Also: you have to be 18 or older to enter.

Blog Comments

I can attest that the garments that Annelie handmake of the most incredible quality! Much like the stories that Annelie weave, these garments are like no other ‘out there!’ I am lucky enough to have a throw and it is a prize possession! To be the owner of one…you will feel special wrapping yourself as you read a tale she has, ‘weaved!’-see what I did there??😉

Thank you, Michael 🙂
I’m glad you love the blanket!

Beautiful pieces! I wonder how you find time for childrearing, writing, weaving and managing the farm! Wonder Woman, no less 🙂

Thank you 🙂
I can do it, because I have my best friend and love on my side.

What a fun and creative idea!! And, the prizes are awesome!

These are stunning!! Multi-talented doesn’t even begin to cover you. 😊

Aww, thank you, Deb 🙂

And, how are you going to select the recipients???

Damn, I published to post too early! Meant to press “update draft” and not “publish.” I’m still working on it. More information coming soon 🙂

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