Keeper of Pleas


“…vast imagination, skillful plot twists and remarkably interesting characters.”

“Masterful, original and refreshingly well-written.”

“This is one of the best books I have read in a long time.”


On December 10, 1880, Coroner Sévère makes a gruesome discovery: nine newborns, buried in flowerpots, and hidden in plain sight in Whitechapel. A mortician receives the bodies and vanishes. Clues for the two seemingly unconnected cases are scarce.

When police and coroner learn that the missing mortician might have spent his last moments at the bosom of the infamous prostitute Miss Mary, a series of events is nudged into motion. Lies are unearthed, rumours spread. Yet, the killer remains a faceless phantom.

His secret seems buried forever.

Until the night Sévère requests Miss Mary’s services…

Spider Silk


Spring/Summer 2017

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Please, please keep me informed. Love your other Victorian novels and think, your writing is superb.

Thank you, Mary! Book #2 is in the making…

Hello Annelie,

I’m a huge fan of your Kronberg stories and excited to read everything you write, Will this book be published only as an ebook and only in English or can I hope for a printed German copy?

Hi Carolin,
I’m working on the english print edition, and my German agent is now reading Keeper of Pleas. So with a bit of luck, a German publisher will pick it up and there’ll be a German edition in a year or two.

Hallo Annelie,

ich habe gerade den “Irischen Löwen” zu Ende gelesen. Wie schon einmal geschildert … Die Bücher der Anna-Kronberg-Serie sind die einzigen, die ich in der letzten Zeit in einem Rutsch verschlungen habe. Würde mich auch sehr über “The Coroner” auf Deutsch freuen.

So excited for this novel!!!
But is this supposed to be set before the other Anna Kronberg novels, and will our favorite characters be present? 😉

It’s set before all the Kronberg Novels (and before the Ripper murders). And it’s not a Kronberg story. Much gorier dissection scenes and darker, more complex characters than in my previous mysteries. You have been warned 🙂

Even more excited for the read now!!

But will there ever be more Anna Kronberg novels? I want to see what she and her child are up to… and if they meet with Sherlock again…..

I’ll read all that you write. I like the setting and time period. Something about the whole setting makes me want to read your books.

Annelie your website is great. I love getting the details on goes on in your world and how your keeping things rolling on your literature. Keep the stories coming. I like that you have the website with no adds and you make it all yours.

Thank you Bill 🙂

Ainslie, I love your website and your thrilling, thought provoking works! You are in my top five favorite authors of all time?


I’m going to drink to this. Cheers! *lifts glass of home-made cherry wine*

WOW!!!? This is going to be great!

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