CUT (1/2986 Book 1)


“WOW!! Incredible!! Visceral!! One of the best books I’ve read in the genre.”

“Tore my heart out.”

This author is amazing – non-stop, can’t put it down writing.”

Ten billion died. Three million are left clawing for survival. One more death doesn’t make a difference, does it?

Micka is barely sixteen when she decides to kill herself. She doesn’t fit in, doesn’t understand people or rules of society. She doesn’t even understand herself. To her, all words have flavors, and emotions come with such force that she can’t help but carve them into her skin.

Only hours before her meticulously planned suicide, she meets Runner – a mysterious stranger who offers to take her away.

There are only two rules she must follow:



FOG (1/2986 Book 2)

You don’t hear death leaping at you. But I can hear you dying. And I can see your body growing as grey and black as the soil that drinks your blood.

Micka never signed up to be a hero. Yet, here she is – Sequencer’s apprentice and about to march into battle against a terrorist organisation that vowed to wipe humanity off the planet. Or what’s left of it.

When the bloodshed begins, Micka learns that survival comes at a high price.

ICE (1/2986 Climate Change Thriller Series, Book 3)

I wonder how people back then prepared for battle; if they found it more important to win and come out alive, or if bringing down their enemies, knowing their loved ones at home remained safe was what made them go out in the first place. I don’t have any loved ones at home. I don’t even have a home. I don’t miss those things and never did.

But should anyone ever ask me why I’m going to war against the BSA, my answer would be simple: revenge.

I cannot forgive.

The 1/2986 Climate Change Thriller Boxset (Books 1-3)

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A Victorian mystery might be good ….

Okay, ICE ended with, “Do you want more Mika?”
I could get by. She sort of has a happy ending (finally), but what about – oh dear, I already can’t remember his name Cocha? – and about the person spreading the myth of the girl with fire hair?
In my ideal world, Mika finds that Runner is still alive, and ends up settling down with both him and Katvar, (don’t you *dare* kill off Katvar!) and maybe a woman too. And Katvar finally gets a child. While Runner is off ‘warring’ most of the time and Mika goes with him sometimes.
See, I’d really like loose ends tied up, but I SO want a happy ending!

I want to too! And I’m plotting a bit already, but will finish a Victorian mystery first, and then…more Micka 🙂

Please finish bring back a fourth book! I read all three books I couldn’t put it down. You are a great writer! Now to chores. Lol

Thank you, Patti! I’m happy you enjoyed all three books. Plans for book 4 can be found in my Book Club:
And there’ll be a first snippet soon…

I have just read the 3 books in a row and enjoyed them very much, thank you! However, I’m a little bit concerned that you would never publish the last volume…

I’m concerned too, because I have to write what sells (sadly, my climate fiction series doesn’t sell all that well), or I have to get a job. But you could support my newest Climate Fiction project on Patreon, if you like:

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Just finished reading 1/2986. Really enjoyed it. Glad to hear there will be a another book about Micka. Love your Anna Kronberg thrillers too. x

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I love your books, all of them you are a fine talented writer. I was wondering, is there going to be a second book of 1/2986, I feel the book stopped when her story just started. I hope it will be coming soon, I can’t wait. :):)

Dear Nuha, I’m so glad you like it! I wasn’t sure what to make of it when a science fiction suddenly wanted to be written and that Micka girl showed up in my head. The plan was to write only a short story and let that be the end of it. It turned out much longer 🙂
The second book is now 12.000 words in and might be published early spring 2015.
Thank you for your kind words!

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