Anna Kronberg Mysteries

“…provocative and original…” Peter Kavanagh, CBC Radio Producer
“…the new dream team of detective literature.” KrimiLese
“…a formidable dark-romantic conspiracy novel. A duel of two deduction monsters.” Die Welt
“Best Sherlock Holmes Mystery 2014” German Sherlock Holmes Society

Book 1: The Lion's Courtship

Book 2: The Devil's Grin

Book 3: The Fall

Book 4: The Journey

Book 5: Silent Witnesses

Book 6: River of Bones

Keeper of Pleas Mysteries

★★★★★ “…vast imagination, skillful plot twists and remarkably interesting characters.”
★★★★★ “Masterful, original and refreshingly well-written.”

Book 1: Keeper of Pleas

Book 2: Spider Silk

Book 3: Peregrine


★★★★★ “right up there with Hunger Games”
★★★★★ “Tore my heart out.”
★★★★★ “The strong female character is extremely rare and fresh.”
★★★★★ “brutal, honest, heart-wrenching and beautiful.”

Book 1: Cut

Book 2: Fog

Book 3: Ice

Book 4: Vow

Book 5: War

Blog Comments

just read the first book for 1/2986, i love it

Thank you 🙂

i love your 1/2986 series it really helps

I just finished binge reading the Anna Kronberg series. Whhaaatt??? Book 7 is not out??? I have to keep hanging until I find out what happens to Liz/Anna, Quinn, Arthur, Klara, and the rest. I think I will go through withdrawal. Well, I just ordered the “Keepers of Pleas” series to less the pain of withdrawal. LOL! Thanks for you work. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed Anna/Liz. Hum…book 7 is…in my head. Not on paper yet

I absolutely love the post apocalyptic series and will wait with bated breath for the 4th book to come out. Personally I would this series to become the next “hunger games” movie sensation!!! (However, books are always better than the movies) I thank you so much for writing a book series that stays with you in thought long after the book has ended. You are an amazing story teller, and now I’ll start your other series of books to bide my time until book number 4 comes out. Do you have a name for that book yet??

Aw thank you, Angela! I want to see this series on the big screen, too! Mostly so I don’t need to worry about family finances, and write at my own pace.
Book 4 (Vow) is out. I’m about to update all links on my “books” page, so you can find it easier.

Your writing is superb. It would be very difficult to pick my favorite book, so I won’t even try. I am patiently waiting for more of Elizabeth and Quinn and Olivia and Sévère. It’s all about the relationships and boy do you know how to build them!

Thank you, Patti 🙂
I’m working on the next Keeper of Pleas book. Not sure where Olivia and Sévère will be heading. Hmm….

I just read all four of the Micka books in four days and I’m losing my mind over what’s gonna happen next. Fantastic writing. A series hasn’t kept me this on edge (or made me sob like a baby) in years! Thank you for your beautiful writing.

Aw, thank you so much, Brenna!

My usual whining. Because I’m reverting to being a four year old evidently. More Sévère and Olivia, please ma’am. Because I’m sure you appreciate a reader who evidently knows your writing schedule and time constraints better than you do. Or I could just be letting you know I’ve shown up here. You chose.

Ha! I was just thinking about Olivia & Sévère today, wondering whether or not I can simultaneously write their next story (it’s gonna be SO DARK!) and the next Micka book. But I might take a 2 week writing break after publishing Vow, because our house looks like a bear cave, and my kids have forgotten my name.

Just finished reading Spider Silk, and now I cannot wait for the next in the Keeper of Pleas series!

Thank you, Monika!

Hi there, I do hope you are planning on continuing The Keepers of the Pleas series?

Oh, yes!

Please bring her back!

I will! Actually working on it already 🙂

Please bring Micka back. A final resolution is in order. Read all 3 books in one week.
Great story rolling.
Grandpa (75) from California

I totally want to! And I already made a plan for it:

Fantastic writing! Riveting me as well as the Sci-Fi Greats! Read your Sci-Fi 1st, fell in love, now all of Anna. Then everything you ever write. Hooked, will recommend. Wonderful works!

Been a while since I was driven to stay up all night to finish a series! All four of Anna are stupendous, and I can’t wait to see her again with Sherlock.

Read Moriarty and thoroughly enjoyed it! I ran out of Laurie R. King’s books on Mr.and Mrs. S. Holmes, so discovering your books was a godsend. Hope you write more so we can find out how Anna is coping, and how she teams up with Sherlock again. Thank you for a good read.

where can i possibly read these books?? i badly want to read them..

Hi Jamie, the books are available at all major retailers. There’s also a free version of The Devil’s Grin on Wattpad (see menu item “book” -> “free stories”)

I will dearly miss Anna if her story is finished. I’d love to see who she becomes after her “journey.” Thanks so much for this trilogy! I loved them all.

Hi….just finished reading all 3 Kronberg books. Loved them so much. Are there going to be more in this series?

Hi Deepika, I’m so glad you like my stories! There might be another Anna Kronberg book, but first I’ll finish my second SciFi.

Loved Devil’s Grin and we will be discussing it at book club. Have read the Fall and now starting Journey. Love your writing! Found your first book on Book Bub. hooray!!!!!

This is so cool, Helen! If your book club has question – I’m more than happy to answer them (per Skype or email).

I enjoyed your book very much.

Whew! Glad to know I didn’t goof up by not reading the lion first…guess it will follow the journey…and thanks for the tip on moriarty…

Loved the grin and the fall…just downloaded the journey and can’t wait to get into it…should I have read moriarty and the lion first? Fabulous books and keeps well with the sherlock theme and tradition…..

Dear Lynne, thank you for reading and letting me know that you loved both book! The Lion’s Courtship is the prequel to the GRIN and works as a standalone. Moriarty is the illustrated complier of GRIN, FALL, and JOURNEY – so please don’t buy this one because you’ll not get a new book.

I enjoyed The Devil’s Grin, of course.However, as a retired professor of criminal justice, I found it implausible that wealthy and respected physicians would so promptly be both convicted and hung. Even the US, with its enthusiasm for the death penalty rarely, if ever, executes a rich man.

I’m glad you like the GRIN!
With the murders Burke and Hare committed for the anatomist Dr Robert Knox in the 1830s (and the resulting sensitivity of the public to this topic), and the close to 100 hung murderers between 1880 and 1900 (counting only those convicted at London’s Central Criminal Court), I found it quite okay to kill off my bad guys on the gallows. But yes, hanging the rich was unusual.
You can see Old Bayley’s hung murderers (1880-1900) here:

I have been a big fan since the devils grin;so iam looking foreward to the release of the lions courtship

I read The Devil’s Grin and The Fall in 2 days off my iPad and they were amazing. I CAN’T WAIT for the third. CAN’T. WAIT. As someone both interested in literature, history, Sherlock Holmes, romance, and microbiology, this is almost literally my dream series. The Journey cannot come out soon enough.

Weeeeeeh! Lovely! Thank you, Zoe.
Try “The Remedy” by Thomas Goetz. He writes about Doyle and Koch and the (fake) tuberculosis remedy.
A very well written and exciting non-fiction book.

Forget the covers! The stories are much more worthy of praise. As a lover of both a good mystery and greater characters, I thoroughly enjoyed book one. Downloading book two now.

Wow! Thank you Diana! I hope you enjoy book 2.

I do like the covers of your books.

Thank you, Armie. I’m having a lot of fun designing them. But they keep me from writing, ’em boogers…

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