NaNoWriMo is July

NaNoWriMo is July

At the moment, I bury myself in detective work (because anonymous pervert troll) and in new writing. If all goes well, then

  1. my first post-apocalyptic SciFi will be published beginning of end of August or September and,
  2. the pervert troll will be caught, and
  3. my family and I will sleep better, and
  4. you’ll see me back on Facebook & Twitter.

Meanwhile, have a word meter:

32200 / 40000 words. 81% done!

Synopsis. Remnants of humanity are scattered high up in the mountains, far from the deadly disease that wiped out ten billion lives. Now, nearly seventy years after the Great Pandemic, the once-toxic lowlands begin to grow habitable again. Everyone knows that the grass there is greener, the crops will grow richer, and the winters are less severe. Soon, the hardships will be over and there will be more births than deaths. The truth, though, is a very different tale.

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Can’t wait…… 🙂

And: good luck with 1-3!

Very good luck on all of the above.

I’ll totally kick ass 🙂

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