The Other Side of the Coin

(caution: graphic content) I'm a writer. I tell stories. People read them, some like them, and several even write me how much they enjoy them. I never expected that to happen. But not once did I think that people could hate my books so much, that … [Read more]

After the Rain

After two days of heavy rain the sun just came out, making this late afternoon so beautiful I had to take a few snapshots of our permaculture  garden. So there: pretty food (except the crawly things).   … [Read more]

NaNoWriMo is July

At the moment, I bury myself in detective work (because anonymous pervert troll) and in new writing. If all goes well, then my first post-apocalyptic SciFi will be published beginning of end of August or September and, the pervert troll will be … [Read more]

Need a new cover?

I didn't like the cover for The Lion's Courtship, so I made a new one.  Lots of fiddling, many different versions, and several days later - here's the new cover. I hope you like it. … [Read more]

SciFi Bug

I don't know how precisely this happened, but after finishing The Lion's Courtship, I needed a contrast to Victorian slums and prostitution. And I certainly need a break of Holmes. He's quite a complicated character... Since I'm an environmental … [Read more]