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NEWS: The Lion’s Courtship is now published!


  1. says

    Wonderfully strong female character, exciting plot and development, perfectly involvement of Holmes in a believable “relationship”!
    Thank you for the pleasure and intrigue!

  2. Denise Remo-Nunez says

    I wanted to preorder the 3rd book on Amazon but it’s not even showing up on the search screen. I know it’s too soon but if you can already preorder on Barnes & Noble, why not Amazon? What gives?

    • Annelie says

      Sadly, Amazon allows pre-orders only for traditionally published books and for indies that landed NY Times bestsellers or the like. So, no 3rd Anna & Holmes book on Amazon until the 6th of May. I’m sorry :-/

    • Annelie says

      Thank, Ruth! Had to settle for the knife, because bacteria look so…unexciting (if one isn’t a microbiologist)

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