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    Strange, huh. Thank you for the honor of using “Shitting Snowman” ( that’s really cold!) as your working title. Now go make some cheese………and dig up some veggies while your at it. Always, Y.S.F.C.

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    Annelie, tweeting is frustrating. I have too many words for too short a space, like trying to cram a handful of spaghetti through the head of a needle..very difficult, ya know? I got the chance to review FOG on amazon ( a book reviewer I AM NOT!) but I wanted to encourage people to give it a try. Jerri is almost finished with it and has that “Freaked Out” look in her eyes…getting near the end! What am I going to do?! I knew from the get go she would enjoy the Anna K books as she has a thing for England having lived there for 8 years. But something set in the future? Not so much. I just asked her to trust me and trust you and give it a chance..the rest as they say is history…the freaked out look has returned, she doesn’t want it to end. Which says a lot about your talent. Anyway, that’s it for now…Y.S.F.C.

    • Annelie says

      I’m on it! I’m ON IT! The 3rd book writes itself (it’s now 17.000 words long) and it’s going to be COLD. As in: We make a trip to Svalbard, 5000 kilometres across the snow and ice with sled dogs. I’m glad Jerri got the freaked-out look. I’ll hurry up. But hum… I still need a title for the story. “Fucking Cold” doesn’t quite nail it, I think.

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        Fucking Cold does have a nice ring to it though….Shitting Snowmen makes a statement but doesn’t quite work….Is that an Icicle in your pocket or are you just happy to see me…nope. I always liked the work Advection… It’s what happens when fog moves over a good snowpack. Of course, it’s a word in English, I haven’t a clue what it would be in German. I just like the sound of it. I’ll tell Jerri to keep her eye on that thermometer thingie on this page that shows progress with your endeavors. I have explained to her that you are only human, and DO need to sleep every so often. Rock On Annelie!! Y.S.F.C.

        • Annelie says

          Advection in German is “Advektion.” Go figure. Shitting Snowman sounds good. I’ll use it as a working title. But I don’t need time to sleep. I need time to make cheese and dig up the veggie garden :)

  3. Rich Lovin says


    I never thought I would find an author to continue in the vein of A.C.Doyle. You amaze me and
    bring great storytelling back into my life. I read all five of your Anna Kronberg and Holmes books.
    I appreciate authors that can keep me involved! I consider you on the same level as E. A. Poe and
    A. C. Doyle. Bravo! Keep telling stories.

    • Annelie says

      Thank you, Rich! Poe…oh my. I don’t know if I can live up to this. I hope I don’t die on a park bench with a raven on my shoulder. (I had a dose of silly this morning).
      I’ll definitely keep telling stories. I think I have some sort of obsessive compulsive writing thingy going. So…there’ll be many more books and I hope you enjoy them just as much as my first ones.

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    Annelie, so here’s how it went down…I purchased and consumed the 4 of your incredible Anna Kronberg books. I absolutely enjoyed them “To The Max” as I used to say( and I guess I still say that!) So, being the loving husband that I am I told my wife about them and, she too enjoyed the crap out of ‘em. So I’m driving to work with her this morning and she’s freaking out. I assume it’s because of the lovely, yet exciting traffic we have here in Seattle, but I come to find out it’s because she has only 9 minutes left ( we’re Kindle users) before the last book ends. Here’s how you may help a Brother out, if so inclined…Please write another book to this series? It would be ever so welcomed in my house…and while it is too late to name my first born after you ( if you decided to do this) please know that I would if it were still possible. Thank you! Oh just finished 1/2986…You My Dear seriously ROCK!

    • Annelie says

      OHGAWD OHGAWD! I’m drooling all over your message! And laughing! This is SO cool and sweet! Thank you :)
      Okay, so here’s the thing: I’m now doing the final polishings to “fog” – that’s the sequel to 1/2986, while two books are already knocking against my skull, asking to be put on paper. One is a new Kronberg mystery and the other is the third book in the 1/2986 series. All will be good. You could still call you first born “pigheaded” if that applies at all, because that’s my middle name :)

      • says

        Annelie, your plan strikes me as very “solid” and promising. I admire you for sticking with it as I can only imagine having not just one, but two books, ” knocking against your skull” is a painful, and disconcerting experience. I have shared your reply with my wife and she has promised to now only Freak Out about Seattle traffic..Alas,.if that were only true. I have preordered “Fog” and look forward to continuing adventures with Runner and Micka.. I will follow your lead and bestow the name “Pigheaded” to my teenage Daughter ( in your honor) as I feel it not only fits her temperament so well, but is rather catchy too. Hannah Pigheaded Wright..has a certain charm, don’tcha think? Keep well, and keep knocking those books outta yer head. You Do Indeed Rock!

        • says

          Annelie, just wanted to let you know that the FOG file arrived and I can’t thank you enough ( that’s a huge assumption on my part, I probably could if I tried really, really hard) for this lovely gift. Of course I can’t open it as nothing in this life is easy, but I will continually poke the needle of righteousness into the balloon of Windows 7’s inability to do what I ask, until I succeed! Honestly, we enjoy the gift you have of putting stories in your head down on paper, and will always look forward to those stories no matter where they may lead us, again thank you so much! By the way…Hannah Pigheaded Wright sends her warmest regards! Rock On!

          • Annelie says

            You crack me up!!!
            Here’s the super simple solution:
            1) Plug your Kindle into your computer (you can use the charger cable, because it has a USB plug)
            2) Wait for the little Kindle icon to show up on your desktop
            3) Double-click to open
            4) Open the folder “contents” (or data, or thingies, can’t remember what’s it called) – you should see all your eBook files in there
            5) Download “Fog” from your email to your desktop
            6) Move “FogSpecial.mobi” into the opened folder of your Kindle.
            7) Drink a beer

          • says

            I see where I went wrong..I got the order mixed up. I began with the beer.(URP! excuse me ) I used an APPLE program to open it that just asked me, “Dude, you wanna read this on yer Kindle?” I said,” Hell Yes!” and faster than you could say,” I wish a Pox on you! You tormenting Windows 7 Devil!” There it was.. ready to read and enjoy. Thanks so much for the guidance you offered ( and so fast too!) if this apple thingie didn’t work I would have followed your instructions faithfully, through all 7 steps, with special care given to the last #7. I look forward to “cracking” the Kindle open tonight, after a fabulous day of “Making a Living”. Keep Well Annelie! Your Seattle Fan Club-Jerri, Mike, and Hannah P Wright

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            Annelie…just a quick note from Your Seattle Fan Club. FOG is Fabulous…No Shit! ( Jerri’s Folks have been staying with us this week, so reading has been placed on the back burner,so to speak) Often when I read My head gets in the way with questions like “What’s all this mean? Where are we going with this?” But with FOG I have been able to just go for the ride and enjoy the narrative. So many really heavy issues being brought up in the storyline, so many dreadful things we share in our world now that still exist in theirs. This week I have been only able to read at night in bed, and after I force myself to shut the Kindle down, I just lay there and think about I’ve just read. Like I said, a really Fabulous piece of writing, but sure screws with getting to sleep. I’m about 3/4 way done, and hope to finish by Friday…I’ll let you know how it goes. Keep Rockin’ Y.S.F.C.

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            Annelie, looking over this forum I seem to hogging the space, so to speak, for this I apologize. While waiting for Shitting Snowmen to arrive sometime in the near future I have to keep on reading..just finished Dead Wake-last voyage of the Lusitania by Erik Larson..good book, but I hate when I know how a book is going to end..not a problem with your books though..I get to the final page and go,” Say What? No Freakin’ way!” Hope all is well with you and Family. Jerri is one the last chapter of FOG..’nuff said. Y.S.F.C.

  5. says

    Please, where can I get books 2&3 ?? Wattpad only has excerpts sooo frustrated. You are an amazing author, i loved the first book! Very well written! Exciting!

  6. DonnaMc says

    I picked up the trilogy on B&N and inhaled it! I am excited to read the prequel and 1/2986. I thoroughly enjoyed Anna, Holmes and the whole cast of characters. Such a strong willed and powerful woman! We need more Annas in this world. The details you included enhanced the storyline perfectly. Thank you for sharing your vision of the Sherlock canon. Well…done…you!

    • Annelie says

      I’m so glad you loved the book! I’m curious (as to? of to? if? Er… My english fails me tonight) if (yeah I think “if” is correct) you like the SciFi – Micka is a very quirky character.

      But no! No more Annelies on this planet! I’m SUPER annoying (only my husband thinks I’m not)

  7. Deb says

    I have read all three of the Anna Kronberg books and the prequel. I am now addicted!! I shall wait patiently for the fourth book, for I know it will be well worth the wait! Such a wonderful, strong character, is Anna. And the plots with their twists and turns are exceptional! You are an excellent writer and I am looking so forward to reading more!!

  8. says

    I join the chorus of those singing your praise! I’m an avid reader,who has been fortunate in finding “the Devil’s Grin”. Consider me among those who clamors for more! Housework,chores,phone calls be damned.I’d much prefer spending the day with Anna!

    With appreciation and anticipation,

    • Annelie says

      LOL I’m totally for getting rid of damned housework altogether. Thank you Sandra!
      And here’s a piece on cleaning house for you (unknown author):

      Dust if you must, but wouldn’t it be better,
      To paint a picture or write a letter,
      Bake a cake or plant a seed,
      Ponder the difference between want and need?

      Dust if you must, but there’s not much time,
      With rivers to swim and mountains to climb,
      Music to hear and books to read,
      Friends to cherish and life to lead.

      Dust if you must, but the world’s out there
      With the sun in your eyes, the wind in your hair,
      A flutter of snow, a shower of rain.
      This day will not come ’round again.

      Dust if you must, but bear in mind,
      Old age will come and it’s not always kind.
      And when you go and go you must,
      You, yourself, will make more dust.

  9. Kate Akhihiero says

    Totally enjoyed reading The Devil’s Grin. Was thrilled to find Sherlock Holmes in it. But why oh why, can’t u post the other two stories on wattpad so dt people like me who can’t afford to buy them can enjoy dem lyk others who can afford them? It’s not fair. Makes me so sad. Feel lyk crying

    • Annelie says

      Hey Kate,
      it’s because I’m trying to make a living with my book. But fret not – just tell me what eBook format you prefer (ePub or mobi) and I’ll send a free copy to your yahoo account.

    • Annelie says

      Aye, captain Robert! Number four is published and called “The Lion’s Courtship,” although I must confess it has no Sherlock in it. But gruesome murders (body pickled in manure), more yucky stuff, sex, and swearwords. I hope you like it :)

  10. says

    Thank you very much for one of the best Holmes-related pastiches I have read ever (and I’ve read lots of them!) I got the kindle version of your trilogy yesterday and couldn’t go to sleep until I finished it. Great characters, great story line. Fantastic books all the way. Thanks again!

    • Annelie says

      Aww! Wonderful messages like yours are the fuel for every writer. You made my day. Thank you so much, Mona!

  11. Denise Remo-Nunez says

    I wanted to preorder the 3rd book on Amazon but it’s not even showing up on the search screen. I know it’s too soon but if you can already preorder on Barnes & Noble, why not Amazon? What gives?

    • Annelie says

      Sadly, Amazon allows pre-orders only for traditionally published books and for indies that landed NY Times bestsellers or the like. So, no 3rd Anna & Holmes book on Amazon until the 6th of May. I’m sorry :-/

  12. says

    Wonderfully strong female character, exciting plot and development, perfectly involvement of Holmes in a believable “relationship”!
    Thank you for the pleasure and intrigue!

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