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Anna Kronberg

“one of the best Sherlock Holmes novels of all time.”

Keeper of Pleas

“…vast imagination, skillful plot twists and remarkably interesting characters.”

1/2986 Climate Fiction

“This author is amazing – non-stop, can’t put it down writing.”


Welcome to the era of a beautiful regime!

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Spider Silk
Keeper of Pleas - Book 2

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I write

…about kick-ass heroines who live disguised as men, about girls who jump from airplanes and blow up the global satellite network, and death falling in love. Among other things.


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Anna Kronberg Book 5

You guys and gals keep asking me when the heck I’ll publish the next Kronberg book. So there! Here’s the beginning (totally un-edited and crappy) of Anna...

Olivia & Sévère are back!

SPIDER SILK – book 2 in the KEEPER OF PLEAS series – is accessible to all my Patreon patrons here, and will be made available at...

Welcome to the Era of a Beautiful Regime…

Yep, I started a new project! In spring this year, I wrote the serial TV concept COLLAPSE on assignment for  DCM Films (see showreel below). While DCM is now...

My Last Day as a Scientist

At 5:30 this morning I stared into the dish washer and was struck with fear. For the first time in my life I worried I’ll not be able...